Sole platform to improve your existing classrooms, communication and school enrollment

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    Study & Practice

    Maths and Science for k1 to k12

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    Detailed analytical reports to track student's progress.

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    Creates quizzes, assignments and homework online.

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    Flipped Classroom

    ClassRoom creates virtual and dynamic classes and assigns to students.

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    Communicates with Parents, Schools, Educational Institutes via Automated emails and SMSs.

Maths & Science for K6 to K12


"This is a great resource for the classroom. Forces students to be prepared before coming to class and to stay engaged during class time."

"Really fun to see questions & answers in real time. Worst part is now I actually have to do the reading and know what I'm talking about. eChildStudy is effective & motivates learning."

“Now, information just transfers into our student information system. The accuracy is there now, and it saves time for the registrars. There are multiple benefits from it.”